Another week, another Work Day Distraction! This week, I got the chance to visit Ellis Hospital again with some free concert tickets! Our lucky winner Mike, who works in the IT department with Ellis, scored some free tickets to enjoy live music, amidst all of his hard work. A huge thanks to Jennie for nominating him!

As someone who works as a nurse full time, it was great to give someone in IT a pair of tickets. I thoroughly know that without our IT department, we would be crippled. I can't even think of the amount of time spent calling IT for help with this computer program or that computer program, and despite if you're at a hospital or an outpatient setting, when there's an emergency, IT is there. Everything runs on computers nowadays, and those IT people are the unsung heroes in healthcare!!!

This is my second trip to Ellis Hospital, but this time I stopped at the McClellan Building. A few months back, I crashed the Ellis registration department to drop off some tickets. And both times, it was a great experience to crash a WorkDay and treat the lucky winner to live music.

We pick a winner each week, so don't forget to nominate yourself or your hardworking coworkers Here.

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