There are certainly some advantages to the onset of fall...

Comic-Con International 2016 - Preview Night
Matt Cowan/Getty Images

There is no denying it now, fall is here. Although it feels like this summer just absolutely flew by it is time to start embracing fall and gear up for all the awesomeness that it brings. It is after all, my favorite season.

Jeans and a hoodie season is upon us and along with that comes all the beautiful foliage that Upstate New York has to offer and those are just a couple of perks that fall brings. To me however, all the guts and gore of Halloween is where it's at!

Starting on Thursday, October 13th Albany's Madison Theatre will be hosting a Zombie Film Festival dubbed "The Zombies are Coming..." that will run through Sunday, October 16th. They will be screening 6 zombie films throughout the festival including "Night of the Living Dead" and "28 Days Later". Plus they will have the premier of "Dead Burger" which the TU describes as " a locally shot comic zombie romp".

Oh and did I mention that they are also throwing a HUGE zombie party and inviting scholars to come speak between films! The Madison Theater's website says:

Think of this as Zombie School, a lot of partying with a bit of learning. Party with us Friday night. We'll have a concert and costume contest, including free zombie FX make-up. We also have academics lined up for the whole weekend. They will help you prepare you for the zombie horde.

The whole festival looks pretty awesome. You can check out the whole program full of show times and festivities by clicking HERE.