My whole life I've heard of the odd things that are legal in Texas, Here is a short list to make you know you shouldn't mess with Texas.

When I thought about the laws that we have here in Albany I didn't really see the hilarity that the Lone Star State offers up.. Of all the things Texas is known for like the Alamo, Dallas Cowboys and King of the Hill.. It makes you wonder how things like this came to be.

  • In Texas you cannot take more than three sips of beer while standing, CHUG CHUG CHUG!!!!
  • Also in Texas it is perfectly legal to take a photo up a ladies skirt, hash-tag creeper status...
  • Under no circumstances may you milk another persons cow, Another fetish out the window!
  • If your driving a vehicle without a windshield your good except you better have wipers.
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica doesn't have a recipe for beer so its Illegal.
  • If your barefoot in public, You best have your permit for it!!
From what I see If I ever get to go to Texas I will probably be arrested without understanding why.


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