About a month ago, we blogged about Toys R Us closing stores.  Well, it looks like the chain is going to be closing even more.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal this past week, and written about by newyorkupstate.com , Toys R Us is now planning to close 200 stores.  This is 200 stores on top of the 180 store closings announced last month.  Obviously with that amount of stores closing, a significant number of jobs will be effected.  It’s not determined which stores will shit down in this round of closures, so Capital Region locations like Albany and Clifton Park May be at risk.

A disappointing holiday season is to blame per the reports.  I have to admit, I do a lot of my holiday shopping online, but I also do a portion in stores.  Most people I know are ‘guilty’ of this.  The thing is, when I do go to stores, I find myself buying toys for all the kids in my family at other discount stores and places where I can do a ‘one stop shop’ type of thing, so I tend to avoid these  specific types of stores.  The chain is reportedly trying to restructure before this upcoming holiday season, so here’s to hoping that they can adjust appropriately.  Because really, it’s not just about the stores closing and the bottom dollar.  These closures have a huge impact on the work force and on every day hard working people losing their jobs.