I hate to say it, but for once I feel sorry for the women of beauty pageants. Looks as if you are all doomed!

According to CBS News it appears that there will be a rule change in the up coming Miss Universe pageant this year. It looks as if there new rule will allow for transgender women who were born male and have since undergone a gender change surgery to now compete.

If I was a women competing I would be in an uproar. The way I see it, a transgender women is at a complete advantage in a contest full of women. I don’t know exactly how a beauty pageant works but I assume there are all sorts of test in different categories like talent, a test of smarts and whit, and maybe a physical challenge or a feat of strength. I hate to remind you ladies, but a man is more likely to be better then you at all these things. So if this rule change goes through, I know who I’m betting on. It pains me to cheer against America but looks like Miss/Mr Canada is taking the crown this year!