A Troy man who was unhappy with a tree at an area Burger King blocking his view took matters into his own hands and decided to trim the tree. He was arrested.

According to the Times Union, 79 year Henry Crobok was charged with criminal mischief after cutting down some tree branches at a Burger King that were blocking his view of nearby deer. Troopers answered the call Sunday to a complaint about an older man cutting tree branches down at the fast food restaurant. When they arrived, Crobok had already fled but was found in a parked car at a Dunkin Donuts nearby. The tree branches "were blocking his view of deer located in the field behind the Burger King," he reportedly told a Burger King employee when confronted according to State Police. He was issued a ticket by police and released from custody. This isn't Crobok's first run-in with the law. In 2009 he plead guilty to menacing involving an in incident in Schaghticoke where he poured maple syrup in the gas tank of a neighbors' cars. In 2014 he intentionally rear-ended a woman's car at a gas station in Cohoes.

This dude sounds like a loose cannon. Have you ever had a run in with someone like Mr. Crobok?