New Yorker's know a couple of things pretty well and pizza is one of them. Luckily the Capital Region has two of the best places for pie in the state.

Thrillest decided to put together a list of the best pizza places outside of New York City and in my opinion that means in the state, right? Lets face it some of the best pizza to me is in NYC and its hard to compete with that but luckily we have a few places that a pretty awesome.

The first being Defazio's in Troys Little Italy. An amazing destination that may not grab your eye for some pizza but still has some pretty great za if your looking. Thrillest had this to say about the collar city Italian establishment,

Upriver from Albany, DeFazio’s is one of the last remaining businesses in Troy's Little Italy, where the move is a simple sausage and cheese slice. Punch things up a notch with the Buffalo chicken pizza, with blue cheese and a little spiciness. The high quality ingredients and unique touches -- like hand-pitted Kalamata olives and local beer-infused dough -- make DeFazio’s worth planning a weekend escape around. - THRILLEST.COM

The second place in the capital region is Pope Pizza in Saratoga. A whole lot of very good restaurants in Saratoga but when it comes to pizza Pope knows. I've had pizza here and can verify how good it it. Some of the best I've ever had, Thrillest said this,

Saratoga might best be known for its equestrian pastimes and mineral springs, but this city also makes damn good pizza. While there are 17 dough-tossing establishments around town, your best bet is Pope Pizza. Whether you add meatballs or peppers/onions, you can’t go wrong when a large cheese pie starts at $11 (yes, you read that right). - THRILLEST.COM

What are some of your favorite pizza establishments in the capital region?


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