To be honest I didn't think these to would be getting away with this for long.

Remember last week when we told you about how there were two women in Albany that decided to take a stroll down Lark St. and stop into several businesses and literally steal from all the hardworking employees in those businesses?

Well just to rehash, these two young ladies had the audacity to walk into Bomber's Burrito Bar and steal the tips straight out of the tip jar, stole cash, and a check from a purse in the backroom of Teassertzs, took the humane society donation box from the flower shop on the corner, and stole out of a purse behind the counter at Shocker Tattoo all in broad daylight.

Apparently, the girls forgot the fact that video cameras are everywhere nowadays including at most of these businesses and thanks to the community and the power of social media the two thieves have been apprehended and arrested according to the Albany Police Department.

Looks like the thieves are just teenagers but at this point their life they should know the difference between right and wrong. I'm not sure why they are only being charged for two of the robberies but I am glad that they are not getting away with it.

One good thing that did come out of this whole ordeal is the reassurance that the community really has each other's back and came together to find the culprits. I heard that several of the business even received anonymous envelopes of cash for the employees that were stolen from. If that's not solidarity than I don't know what it is.