On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they talked about two men from Schaghticoke, NY, who are gaining international attention for building a death ray, meant for targeting the local Muslim community. 


You can choose to ignore it, or you can embrace the fact that Schaghticoke, NY, is being made famous for being home to America's first super villains, with a death ray!

Of course the two men responsible for the Schaghticoke Death Ray are members of the KKK, because you can't build a death ray in your garage and not have some kind of villainous outfit to wear when you're targeting the local Muslim community.

All the other states of America are going to be jealous of us now, all they have are crazy church people and creepy serial killers and perverts, but Upstate New York has the only death ray.

Although it may not be appropriate, I feel that we should take pride in our crazies, so the next time someone from out of state, or some jerk from New York City comes around thinking that they have seen some things, and some stuff.

Remember, we have Racist Death Ray!!