Marc Rudov, a male rights activist and self proclaimed relationship expert from California wants males across America to boycott Valentines Day this year.

The reason why Rudov wants men to boycott Valentines Day seems a bit ridiculous.  He says that there will never be sexual equality as long as women force men to spend large amounts of money on a holiday that doesn't matter.  This is the fifth year that Rudov has called for the boycott. He says that if you're a "real man" you will have no problem with the Valentines Day boycott.

When asked if he has made any sort of impact he said no because men are wimps.  Rudov added that the only reason males celebrate the holiday is so that they don't get rejected in the bedroom. I have to say that I disagree with most of the arguments that this guy is making.  Whats wrong with giving a little gift to your significant other?

I know some people probably go over board with expensive jewelry and of course the jacked up prices of flowers, so here is my advice.  Set a budget!  That is what me and my girlfriend do.  We say so are you buying a gift?  How much do you wanna spend?  Ok lets not go over that price. It's simple to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank.

As far his statement of "real men" should boycott Valentines Day. False.  A real man would love to go out and show his lady how much he cares for her.  On the same hand, women also like to show their men how much they care.  I think he is coming out of some sort of bad Valentines Day relationship because I don't think I have ever run into a problem of feeling overwhelmed.  He even said he wants to rename it "Nomance Day" because it's all fake.  Maybe the cards and what not are all a fabrication but the sentiment of the holiday is real.  It's been around since 500 AD when St. Valentine called for companions to express love for one another without apology.  Now maybe the religious part of the holiday is long gone but that message still holds true.  Sounds like somebody needs to get this Rudov guy a girlfriend or something because I think he's tired of crying into his pillow year after year when he has no date for the night.

Listener Joel read my blog and gave me a good quote I want to include in this.  He said that a "real man" doesn't need Valentines Day to show his woman how much he cares.  But a true man doesn't pass up an opportunity to celebrate it either. And the best women don't expect anything for valentines day, and when they get something from his heart, they truly appreciate it.  Very well said Joel.