Is this really good-bye forever to those classic little Valentine hearts with silly sayings?

I read this on NBC Today and didn’t really believe it, but yes, Necco recently shut it’s factory doors.  Necco clearly makes the Necco wafer (do people really eat those?), but also the silly little staple that is the Valentine candy heart.  I actually checked out the official Necco site and they even make a whole lot more!  Childhood staples like candy buttons and Mary Janes are among the other yummy candy they made.  However according to NBC Today, the company was bought at a bankruptcy auction in May, and just shut it’s doors and closed down this month. So this leaves the fate of all their yummy candy, and holiday staples, up in the air.  While I’ve never eaten a Necco wafer, I have to say it just won’t feel exactly like February 14th without those classic chalky candy hearts.

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