Yesterday was just a teaser, today Q103 has the exclusive official Stupid Qpid video from Friday. This video is so official that a group of officials tried to officiate the video and were penalized because for not being official enough.

Yesterday I posted this blog:

I told the epic story of Stupid Qpid, and just like any epic text-based story, someone made a live action version out of it. However this epic story was captured on video before the text-based version, so I guess that makes this blog post rare, or ironic.

On Friday I posted the promo video and used the title "Stupid Qpid, One More Time!"

My past three blogs have included a Stupid Qpid video, but I am not a liar. In fact my blogs about Stupid Qpid have revealed the true nature of what we know as love.

Love can be deceiving.


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