New York State Police are asking for your help in identifying 2 individuals that could have information on a stolen wallet and cell phone. Take a look at the pictures below. Do you recognize the man or woman? Are you familiar with the vehicle they were driving?

This incident took place in Oneonta on Saturday September 24th and involves Walmart, Grand Union and moral character.

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According to the police report, a purse and Samsung cell phone were mistakenly left behind in the women's bathroom at Walmart on State Route 23 in Oneonta. Once the individual realized that the items were left behind they returned to the bathroom only to discover the purse and phone were gone.

As with any purse, this one contained several personal items such as credit cards and cash. Through initial investigations, New York State Troopers have determined that these 2 individuals, captured on surveillance camera, might have helpful information. York State Police York State Police

The good news reported in this case is that the Samsung cell phone and the purse later were found inside the Grand Union Supermarket in Hartwick, NY. The bad news is that the cash was not located.

Here is a picture of the car the 2 individuals pictured above were driving on Saturday September 24th. If you recognize the car of the individuals please contact New York State Police at 607-561-7400 and reference case 11064741. York State Police York State Police

Keep in mind these 2 are not accused of anything at this point. The New York State Police have reason to believe they could have information helpful to the incident.

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