Day 1 of Mountain Jam and it's raining, so I asked my male companion to go grab some rain boots for us while I finished up at work. This has been an interesting process ...

So today is the first official day of Mountain Jam and it just so happens that there is water falling from the sky. Now the weather predictions for this weekend have been pretty inconstant all week and I didn't actually end up getting my tickets until the last minute so I am not as well prepared as I would like to be.

Ariana Sheehan

However, my male companion is going to be joining me at the festival today and he happened to be off work so I asked him if he would run out and grab us some rain boots while I finished up at work so we don't ruin our shoes tonight. I think I may have been asking too much ...

So far I have received about 5 text messages and three phone calls about him trying to pick out which boots to get me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm very thankful that he has agreed to take on this task for me. However, after specifying the shoe size initially I got a text asking short or tall? I said short.

This was followed up by a phone call where he proceeded to ask the random women shoppers in the store to try them on for him. Women, who by the way, do not even wear the same shoe size.

After we hung up I got another text stating the ridiculous fashion statement we will be making in those boots. I know they are not cute but we'll be dry!

Then, after all this I receive this text:

with the tall boots, not the short, as requested earlier in the conversation.

I cannot stop laughing! Again, I am very thankful that it appears that I will have boots for Mountain Jam this evening. Whether or not the boots fit well, that still remains to be seen...