I say that it's Dunkin Donuts because why else would we need so many Dunkin Donuts in the Capital Region?

Italian Food Critic Edoardo Raspelli Sued By McDonalds
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I could be wrong I don't know because I don't eat fast food or at least I don't like to eat fast food but my wife can not cook, in her car she has an impressive collection of Dunkin Donuts bags, sometimes she goes to McDonalds but she only gets the Filet-O-Fish.

I've known a lot of potheads that live off of Taco Bell, so Taco Bell is defiantly a runner-up but I noticed that whenever potheads want to mix it up they go to Wendy's.

McDonald's is popular with kids, Moms and Grandparents because of Toys.

If I do get fast food I always prefer Burger King, I like Burger King because I think that they are shameless. McDonald's is always trying to convince the public that they're healthy, Wendy's always hides behind some kind of gimmick Burger.

Of course there is an entire universe of fast food out there to choose from but these are the restaurants who's wrappers and cups I always see on the side of the road.

In Conclusion: Stop Littering!!!! Litter Bugs!!! I miss Hardee's I love Frisco Burgers.


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