In an article posted by the Times Union, about 29 restaurants were listed in Saratoga County that were issued violations by the Department of Health during inspections from January through June of this year.  You can check out the Times Union article to peruse through the restaurants and see specifically in detail what the violations were.

For someone who has a long experience of working in the food industry, I can understand that inspections are solely a small piece of the image of normal operations.  It's not like someone is there day to day monitoring all of what's going.  Generally, in my experience, the inspector comes in and does a walk through (and assesses very very thoroughly).  So it's interesting to read about all of the violations issued.

The restaurants included in the list ranged from independent restaurants to large chains like Bruegger's Bagels and McDonald's. Some of the other names that made the list where The Whistling Kettle, Bellini's Italian Eatery, Coffee Planet, Clark's Steakhouse, and more.

Does it mean I won't ever eat at these places because there was a violation? Nope.  I'm a food fan, and I'm also a fan of some of the places that made the list.  But, it is always interesting to read, compare, and be in the know.