Celina Aarons thought her life was over when she found out the T-Mobile bill was accurate. Celina figured she’d be working the rest of her life trying to pay this off.

The South Florida woman has her 2 deaf and mute brothers on her plan who communicate by texting. They also like to watch a lot of videos. Normally her plan is $175. But she never adjusted her plan for their 2 week trip to Canada. Charges outside the U.S. of all the texts and videos her brothers sent and watched ended up giving her a bill of $201,000. Fortunately for Aarons, T-Mobile worked out a nice deal for her saying she only has to pay $2,500 and has given her 6 months to pay it off.

I’ve heard some of my friends complain in the past how their kid rang up a $300 bill for texting and whatnot, but never anything like this.