Why does New York need this? Like, really?

Now when you file for your tax refund the state is asking that you send in a copy of your drivers license as well. Seems a bit excessive at first glance but it is actually for a good reason. Basically the state wants to make sure that your refund is actually going to its correct recipient.

CPA Matt Bryant of the New York State Society of CPA's had this to say about the matter according to News 10.

“The state is asking for the driver’s license information as an additional verification step, to make sure that the tax refunds go to the right people,”

The IRS will then review things like state of issue (regardless of if you have an out of state license), issue date, expiration date and the document number. If you are someone who is without a drivers license a state ID will suffice.

The part that is weird to me is that if you do not have neither an ID or license then you may check a provided no applicable ID box. What is stopping people from just checking that off? Well pretty much a delayed return will detour many from doing that seeing as it will be harder for them to then verify who you are. More info at News 10 below.