A Catskill woman got in trouble for having a pair of animals in her home, and you won’t believe what they were.

I mean, seriously, who wants to keep one of these, let alone two, in their home.  I get having odd pets like snakes and stuff, but a Catskill woman and her son totally pushed it with having two pet alligators.  Um what? According to an article posted by newyorkupstate.com, a woman from Catskill and her son were ticketed by the DEC after they apparently contacted environmental authorities to turn in their pets.  Because yes, they had reportedly had a pair of alligators in their home as pets.  Why!  Anyways, they were three to four feet long according to the article, one of which the woman caught in Florida and the other which was reportedly bought on the internet.  Don’t people watch the Discovery channel?  Alligators eat living things.  Thanks but no thanks.  Not to mention, it’s illegal to have them as pets.  You can read the full story at newyorkupstate.com, and let us know your thoughts on bizarre pets!