Don't lie. When you are out shopping for presents you are secretly looking at stuff for you as well.

Who can blame you? You see something you want and it's on sale, you but it. Nothing wrong with that at all and don't feel guilty either, most people do it too.

When it comes to "self-gifting," men are the worst offenders compared to women. Plus, guys lie the most saying the gift was from someone else. Strangely enough, most guys in the survey even said they created an imaginary friend to say the gift was from.

How much does the average person spend on themselves? According to the National Retail Federation, this year will see most self-gifters drop upwards of $130.

Self-gifting is becoming more of a tradition it seems in recent years, but why? One idea is that most self-gifters do so in anticipation of bad gifts they will receive from friends and extended family.

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