Do you own a smart phone?  Chances are you have used it to sext, send explicit photos or have sexual text conversations on it.  That's nothing out of the ordinary but according to a new survey over 40 percent of Americans that have used Smartphones to sext are older than age 55!  A study done by Lookout Mobile Security that sponsored the Harris Interactive Poll asked close to 3000 respondents if they sexted and how old were they?

The biggest age group that sext are males between ages 18-34 with 32 percent.   Followed by women ages 25-44 with 25 percent.   More than a quarter of the adults asked say they have taken or received explicit photos or videos.

It's not just young people either as   1 in 10  age 55 and older with smartphones said they also sexted.  30 percent of mothers and fathers with children under age 18 also said they have sent or received explicit photos on their phones.  11 percent of Americans said they record explicit videos on their phones, including 18 percent of dads and 5 percent of moms.

About 1 in 10 men and women said they save romantic prospects' "contact information under a code name on their smartphone."

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