As Spring approaches, so does wildlife, and as reported by News 10 abc, the DEC has announced it's annual warning and guidelines regarding coyotes.  News 10 abc reports that this Monday, a coyote tested positive for rabies that had attacked eight people, including a police officer.   A few animals including sheep were attacked as well by the rabid coyote.  So it seems like a good time for the DEC to put out their reminder guidelines.  As a native New Yorker, it's a routine thing to hear coyotes howling from my bedroom window at night.  Last Spring, I had one run across the road right in front of me in the Pinebush Preserve, stop, stare me down, and then run off into the woods.  Coyotes are common, illusive, and smart.  And according to News 10 abc and the DEC, they tend to avoid humans.  But here's some of the tips provided to help avoid them:

-Do not feed coyotes

-Do not feed your pets outside

-Try to make your garbage as inaccessible to animals as possible

-If you see a coyote, look large.  Be aggressive in your behavior- put your arms out and hands up to look bigger.  Make loud noises, throw sticks or stones if the animal keeps lingering.

-Contact your local police department or DEC office if you see an animal that is concerning or acting 'bold' (as my dad used to put it- "Don't trust an animal that gets too close to humans")

Get all the tips provided at News 10 abc!  Have you had any coyote experiences yet this year?

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