These thieves are getting pretty tech savvy now days.

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Albany Police Department is putting word out on a new phone scam going around the Capital Region.

The scam starts out similar to what you would assume a phone scam would come across as ... Someone calling your phone pretending to be the police, telling you that you owe them money, and then threatening to have you arrested if you do not pay them.

Only these would be thieves have manipulated their phone number so that when they are calling you it shows up on your caller ID as the actual number to the police department.

Now it may seem like common knowledge but in case you were unaware Albany Police are saying that they never ask for your financial information over the phone so that should be the your first (or second) sign that something fishy is going on.

WNYT says that Albany PD are asking that:

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim call Albany police at (518) 438-4000.