Ok so I know that Ma Nature and Old Man Winter are having a bit of a tug of war with the seasons right now and they can't seem to decide if they want to let spring grace us with it's presence or if they're just gonna let winter keep lingering around. But what better way to give winter the hint that it is time to go than by celebrating springs arrival with a delicious treat?!

Ben & Jerry's has announced that rain, shine, or snow storm FREE CONE DAY is coming and it is less than a week away! Ben & Jerry's 40th Free Cone Day is happening on Tuesday, April 10th. You can stop by the scoop shops at 467 Madison Ave. in Albany or at RPI located at Sage Avenue and 15th Street at the RPI Student Union in Troy between noon and 8pm to get your FREE cone!

I do recall that the weather wasn't so hot during last years free cone day and I believe I was standing in line in the rain but hey at least it's not hot and melting your cone so you can get more in your mouth and less on your hands!