I don't always browse missed connections of Craigslist for my amusement, but when I do, these are the links I click.

I'm not sure missed connections has ever panned out for anyone posting, but it's certainly where I like to go to look for wierdness in the human species. Here are some example's from Albany's Craigslist.

This guy keeps going back to the Wendy's in Altamont to see a cute redhead in the drive-thru. Of course that means you have to order something.

but if I eat wendy's one more night this week ill die lol.

Seeking to be reunited with brown curvy mounds of chocolate sweetness
This may be my favorite post on missed connection ever. The dude may have gotten his car stolen during the encounter as well. It's seriously worth the read and I don't want to spoil it for you.

When I returned the car was gone and so were you.