As noted by the Times Union, a boil water advisory  has been issued in Troy due to a cracked water main.  Apparently its just a precaution, but either way, I wouldn't be taking any chances.  The boil water advisory lasts through at least noon tomorrow as it is reported that it takes two days for anything from the cracked main to clear out.   Further testing will then determine if the advisory needs to be extended.

Now, it's not all of Troy that has the advisory.  There's a section from Congress Park to Frear Park.  RPI, St. Mary's, and Samaritan Hospital are all within the boundaries of the boil water zone.  You can get all of the specific information at the Times Union.

We all know that washing hands is important, but boiling water is no joke either.  I'd hate to be on the later end of a home cooked meal after being contaminated by dirty water.  All I can think of is the laxative scene in "Dumb and Dumber."  Thanks no thanks!