It's a fact, there's less to do now then ever before. If only people were contributing entertainment in some easily accessible medium for free. Until my dream becomes a reality, we're just gonna have to deal with the consequences, crime.

Two dudes down in Florida (assumed the most boring state ever) decided to go a robbing to pass the time. In my head the conversation went like this:
"Dude, there's nothing on TV"
"what should we do?"
"you know that guy we know that owns a thrift shop? lets go rob it!"
"should we conceal our identities?"
"ain't nobody got time for that"

and thus these two dudes go to said thrift shop, try to hold the place up with a stick in a Christmas stocking, get recognized by the owner, and then run out of the place only to be caught by the cops.

Here's the link to the original story, but if you've had enough with reading, watch this hastily put together re-enactment video.