I keep hearing the words "excessive heat" to describe the weather we can expect going into the weekend here in the Capital Region.

I hear it's not just the Capital Region either, the heat is expected to bake most of the North East later this week and especially the weekend. According to CBS 6 we will have a pretty decent day on Wednesday with maybe a few scattered showers in the evening hours. Thursday looks pretty wet and then after that the heat kicks in.

Friday through Monday temperatures will climb well into the high 90's and could come close to hitting 100 degrees. The best part, not only will it be HOT but that humidity will be nice and sticky.

So in the case that you, a family member, or neighbor may have heat sensitivities now might be a good time to check the AC's or plan an outing somewhere you can beat the heat weather it's pumping out the cool air or finding a nice body of water to cool off in.

I am supposed to go camping this weekend and am contemplating if I can do a tent in the heat and humidity. However, we will be right on the lake so I may just have to bust out the floaties and take advantage of natures watering hole!

Stay cool  out there my friend.