Okay, they won't technically let you swim through the store to get your beer, but today's intense storms flooded the isles of one of my favorite local beer distributors this afternoon.

 After days, DAYS of intense heat here in the Capital Region it all came to a head with loud swift thunderstorms dropping and abundance of precipitation on us. Not only did my phone send me a very loud and obnoxious warning that the storms were on their way but it was pretty hard to miss once the thunder, lightning, and rain started hitting.

If you are like me and are stuck in a windowless room most of the day even though you can hear the rain and thunder you don't really get the extent of it until you actually step outside, or take a break to scroll through your Facebook feed.

The latter of which happened to be how I found out what kind of damage was going on outside these four walls when I saw that one f my favorite spots to grab some craft beveys to go had been hit so hard by the storm that all of the isles were completely flooded.

Don't worry the crew at Oliver's were quick on the cleanup and are already back in business!

So while you are driving home this evening please be mindful of high water spots so you can keep yourself safe and maybe check on your neighbors and lend hand should the be affected today's high waterfalls.

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