While our neighboring states just legalized recreational marijuana this week, we’re dealing with if local farmers can grow hemp or not.  Hemp is so common. You can buy hemp seeds in any health food or grocery store.  You can buy hemp thread to make necklaces (or just buy the hemp necklace itself).  Hemp is used to make paper goods and more.   But, local farmers can’t legally grow it right now because it’s classified as a controlled substance.  However, News Channel 13 reported that Senator Schumer is supportive of legislation that would allow Capital Region farmers to grow hemp.  According to News Channel 13, Senator Schumer has been public about his support for the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, and was recently in Columbia County to talk about it.  I for one am all for this.  If hemp is used so commonly in regular goods and products, why not let our hard working farmers grow some and be involved.  What are your thoughts?