Finally! I feel like you can barely go 5 feet on any Capital Region roadway without hitting a major pothole or "speed bump".

Harsh Winter Creates High Number Of Potholes On New York City's Roads
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If you, like many of us here in the Capital Region, feel like your car takes a beating every time you put it in drive it looks like some sweet relief may be coming our way soon!

News10 is reporting that 140 miles of New York State roadways across the Capital Region are scheduled for a major repairs this summer and will range from high-volume interstates to rural routes.

Now I know that these major repairs might cause some travel delays but totally worth it to save our tires and undercarriages. Not to mention balance and alignment and just our cars in general. If only we could get them to fix any underground work that needs to be done before the roads get paved that would be clutch! You know so we are not hitting "speed bumps" on the highway afterward.

The list of roads being worked on is pretty extensive and you can find out all the scheduled roads to be worked on by clicking HERE.