Are you a speeder?  Don't speed in this mans neighborhood.

In fairness, you shouldn't speed at all. But, I am not a life coach. You do you.

Mario Marrello, a man living in Clifton Park finally had enough of seeing people speed through his neighborhood, especially around school bus stops. According to CBS 6,

"I got tired of waving at people to slow down, and I wanted to be sure I was right,” Marrello. - CBS6

He bought a radar gun. I mean, even though I don't have the fire inside me against speeders like he does, I still would love to have a radar gun. It just seems like such a cool way to kill time. Sitting on the side of the road and playing the guess their speed game.

He bought the radar gun after being sick and tired of seeing these speeders go up and down the same street his kids get on the school bus. I cannot blame him.

Learn more from CBS 6, here.