I could watch elephants seing their own reflection in the mirror all day. Elephants are said to be among some of the smartest animals on the planet, but does this experiment help or hurt this claim? Regardless of what this elephant's reaction is to seeing its own reflection does not change how I feel about them. Any animal that can learn how to feed itself using its own nose is brilliant in my book.

The video above of an elephant seeing its own reflection is rather incredible. However, after seeing this video the folks here at Q103 decided it would be a good idea to run some experiments of their own.

It recently has come to their attention that up until now I too have never seen my own reflection in a mirror. Without my knowledge the staff at Q103 staged a setting that would cause me to spot myself in one.  Check out the video below of my first encounter with a mirror in the name of Science. The results may shock you.