Did your recently deceased loved one always want to see the world but never had the chance to? Well now there is a way from them to do just that and possibly encounter an Ewok or Wookie. A company based out of Kentucky wants to offer a funeral option that would scatter one's ashes in the earth stratosphere. It’s like taking someone’s remains and saying “get the hell out of this world."

The company, Mesloft, would use a very simple procedure to complete this galactic funeral. They would place the ashes in a device attached to a weather balloon. When the balloon reaches 20 miles high, the ashes would then be released into the air to come back down to earth as snowflakes, rain drops or even zombie food. Mesloft already offers aerial scatterings by balloon, just not yet in the stratosphere.

What could possibly go wrong with throwing dead people into the stratosphere? This company is in Kentucky so they obviously know what they are doing. After all, these are the same folks that gave us bourbon, right?