Next Wednesday is the 4th of July. It is my favorite holiday and not just because it’s America’s birthday. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday because of the food. The 4th of July is the only holiday where grilling is inevitable or mandatory.

On the grill, there will be many delicious things to eat, except if you’re a vegan. If you are, you will be grilling lies. You might as well go play with the kid's playdough kitchen. If you’re more like me there will be plenty of animal meat for you to devour with your human teeth.

There is, however, a very conflicting dilemma: Hot Dog or Sausage?

I know that a hot dog is technically a sausage or within the sausage family but if they are the same then they would be in the same place at the supermarket. If you want to be stubborn about it then you’re probably a snooty foodie.

Hot Dog

Hot Dogs are great. Most importantly they’re all-American, especially if you put ketchup on your hot dog.

You can load up a hot dog with condiments and toppings that you would not put on a sausage. You can also have a hot dog or two with whatever other meat is being grilled and sides as well and you won’t look like a piggy or like you’re from the midwest.

The kids love hot dogs and hot dogs are fast and easy and there is always plenty to go around. No one feels like they’ve wasted a hot dog if they can’t finish it because it’s just a hot dog.

Hot Dogs are quick, easy, expendable, delicious and not too overwhelming.


I love sausage.

A sausage should be thick, juicy and tasty, one good sausage should fill you up and two should be too much unless you’re from the midwest.

Sausages usually have stricter, more traditional toppings and condiments or else you will ruin your sausage. You can also serve sausages in bigger or harder buns.

Not all kids like sausage and not all people can eat an entire sausage but sausages are so good that you don’t want to waste them.

They take a bit longer to grill but they're worth the wait.

Sausages are awesome and more of a meal than a hot dog.

You can have both but it will leave you feeling too full. You can also have them both on the grill and let your guests choose but the question remains: Hot Dog or Sausage?

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