Hope you enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted...

Ughhhh I swear that I looked up the weather like yesterday and it said we were going to be in the high 40's for like the next week. I was really hoping we were done with the snow boots and winter coats for the season.

Well, it looks like old man winter is going to be coming back around yet again, despite some record high's recently. According to News10 this storm has the potential to get a little rowdy. It has something to do with several different storms combining. One form the great lakes, one in Missouri that is about to be fueled by a subtropical jet that came from the pacific through Mexico and Texas. The three of those things will eventually run into another storm brewing off long island which in turn is going to drop some rain and snow through out the Capital Region from now through Saturday. I'll let Steve fill you in on the specifics below.

I'm no meteorologist but usually when they start talking about big storms it seems to go one of two ways. Either it dumps on us or it ends up pretty lackluster. Although I'm pulling for the latter this one is a nice little reminder not to put away the winter wear quite yet.