It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday observed by America where we celebrate the life of a nonviolent Civil Rights Activist who fought for social equality and on this day there are sales at the mall where people don't get the day off and wrestling is on tonight.

King In Alabama
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Banks, schools, the Government and the Post Office are all closed, everything else is pretty much open especially food service and retail stores.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, I am pretty sure that dream was not about going to the mall, or a chain restaurant.

If you have to work today don't feel bad and remember that everything is open on Valentines Day, what does any of this have to do with Martin Luther King Jr.? Nothing because it is all apart of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

The Museum is closed today but the Library is not, however the TV is always on.

I've had a head cold for a week, I'm pretty sure Doctors offices and Hospitals are open today but I am not going and for some reason I keep thinking about this lunch lady from when I was in the first grade, she had very chubby arms and one day she wore a sleeveless shirt and the fat from her upper arms hung over her elbows and formed what looked like little holes that made me think birds lived in her arms.

I was a stupid kid, but at least I am not racist.

Thank you Dr. King.


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