Having a pet in the house can give you some of the happiest experiences you will ever have but there are certain animals that not only shouldn't be kept but are actually illegal to own or sell.

Below you can scroll through the pictures of pets that are illegal to own in New York below but first let me tell you about a Painted Turtle operation that had been attempting to sell these creatures and how they got caught.

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On Sunday March 12th, According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, officers discovered an online ad offering painted turtles for sale in Hempstead. With the knowledge that this is illegal they devised a plan to shut this down.

Officers posed as a customer interested in purchasing a painted turtle and contacted the seller. The seller informed the officer that they had 5 painted turtles and would sell them for $200. The officer agreed and a meeting was arranged.


On March 15th officers arranged a "buy/bust" where they suggest they will be buying the turtles but plan to bust the sellers for their illegal operation. One officer met the sellers in a parking lot while additional officers watched from an undercover vehicle.

In moments it was all over as officers intercepted the transaction, seized the turtles, and ticketed the seller for illegal possession/sale of protected wildlife. The turtles are in the care of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Although they were diagnosed with life-threatening fungal infections, they are expected to make a full recovery.

Turtle Rescue of Long Island reports that it is illegal to own or sell Painted Turtles in New York State without a 'License to Possess'.

Illegal Pets To Own In New York State

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