Miami New Times is reporting that an electronic road sign asks drivers to Smoke Weed Erryday.

The sign was located in a intersection in Orlando. Seeing that it's still illegal to smoke up in the state of Florida we can only guess the sign was hacked. Hacking road signs has been a poplar thing to do over the last few years. For example " You'll Never Get To Work On Time HAHA!!", No Body Has Ever Loved You" and "Sorry Mario The Princess Is In Another Castle". While funny most of these road signs are tasked with giving the public important information such as road conditions, location and directions for road work and of course Amber Alerts. But as long as it is easy to hack these road signs people will continue to do it. We would never condone anyone hacking a road sign, even if it's turn off sitting on the side of the road doing nothing. Also if you plan on or already have taken photos of road signs you hacked DO NOT email them to .

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