It's no secret that drug addiction is an issue, and a pervasive one at that.  Overdoses and opiates are constantly in the news, and to me this epidemic doesn't seem to be slowing down.  New York is working to try to bring some accountability to the dealers however, with the New York Senate passing a Bill to charge drug dealers with homicide in the event that opiates they sold cause an overdose death.  News 10 abc reported on this, and also reported that this isn't the first time the Bill has been passed by Senate, but the FIFTH.  Apparently this Bill, entitled Laree's Law, has been passed by the Senate but not the Assembly.  It's been held up by prison over-crowing according to  News 10 abc.

I know this law is already in effect in some other states.  I can see the difficulty with overcrowding in prisons.  However, I also know the difference between drug addiction and drug dealers.  And to me drug dealers need to be held accountable.  As someone who works in addiction treatment as well, I am all in support for there being a level of accountability for dealers.  Frankly, a drug dealer taking advantage of an addict is no different than someone waving an enticing high sugar food in a diabetic's face, and a juicy bacon burger in front of someone who just had a heart attack.  And yes, there are dealers that do just that- hang out by rehabs and treatment centers just trying to find customers.  Addiction is a disease.  I can go on and on about the changes in the brain to addiction and why it's medically considered a disease, as a nurse, but I won't.  All I'll say is drug dealing- that's not a disease.  That's just criminal behavior that needs to be held accountable.  What are your thoughts?

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