Tuesday our American Idol, Madison Vandenburg, came home to an amazing celebration as she is one of the final three to win the show. There was a pep rally at her high school and she put on a free concert at the Crossings. Her reaction to it all was priceless. I felt fortunate to be part of the entire day of Madison Vandenburg on Tuesday. She was overwhelmed with emotion and shock as she was honored and celebrated at Shaker high school.

Teachers and faculty gave her a good luck charm, the chorus sang the Moana song, "How Far You'll Go" to her at the pep rally, the band played, the cheerleaders cheered and everyone is rooting for her. But that was just the beginning of the day.

Later she had a parade in her honor that headed into the Crossings where she put on a free show in the rainy cold weather. She was given the key to the Town of Coloinie and it was proclaimed that May 14, 2019 is Madison Vandenburg Day.

You could tell she was humbled by the thousands that turn out in those conditions. She thanked so many people but expressed how it could never be enough and was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support.

Here is the video of Madison when she finally hit the stage at the Crossings.

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