Seriously, who would do this!  Winter is hard enough in New York, with the cold weather that can reach brutally low temperatures, the stretches of cloudy days, and the strong winds.  So if people are actually enjoying things outdoors, let them enjoy!!!  However, as reported by News 10 abc, a man was recently arrested by the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for placing a (pretty dangerous) booby-trap on a local snowmobile trail.  According to News 10 abc, Jason Higley was arrested after he placed a pipe on a neighbor's snowmobile trail.  Now, that pipe was also placed on a wire connecting two trees- one of which he had cut so that if someone came through and hit the wire, the tree would fall down.  All because he apparently didn't like the snowmobile traffic coming through the area.

Are you kidding me?!  Setting up a trap that could potentially kill someone is beyond any silly prank.  I for one don't ride snowmobiles- not because I wouldn't, but just because I didn't grow up doing it.  My sister and I got hand-me-down skis instead.  But I am all for letting anyone enjoy outdoor activities in the winter, from snowmobiling to ice fishing to skiing, whatever it may be.  I also want to point out that many of these activities are dangerous enough as it is, with dangers such as tree branches buried on a snowmobile path or that classic Northeast blue ice on a ski trail.  Why make it more dangerous, let alone try to harm someone!  Head to News 10 abc for more info on the arrest.

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