He was just elected to the class of 2018 for the WWE Hall of Fame a mere 2 weeks ago. Now we know he is coming to Wolf Road.

Jeff Jarrett, slightly controversial, one-time owner of a major wrestling organization and WWE Hall of Famer. Those are a few of his accomplishments in the wrestling business. I remember a month or so ago finding out he was indeed going into the Hall of Fame, I was shocked. With the way he left the WWE in 1999, it seemed he would never return. Thankfully that is not true.

He has held 11 world championships in TNA, NWA and WCW respectively. Also acclaimed as a six time WWE Intercontinental Champion. It is no wonder to see why his phrase was, "Ain't I Great"

You can see him at the comic-con event coming to the Capital Region June 3rd. This will be held at the Red Lion Inn on Wolf Road.

He also is not coming alone, in town the same day will be former WWE wrestler Tugboat and WWE announcer and commentator Sean Mooney. Get ticket information at the link below.