Late last night into early this morning Police in Oakland, CA arrested up to 40 protesters that were part of the 'Occupy' movement after they took over a vacant building, started fires and threw M80's at police.

The Occupy protests in Oakland already created a black eye for the whole movement when last week they caused trouble with police.  Now things have gotten even worse.  Yesterday protesters took over a vacant building and began starting fires in downtown Oakland.  Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore out of hand they used homemade bomb launches to fire M80's at the police.

According to Mercury News, no officers were injured but some protesters were hurt.  At around 1am police once again had to use tear gas on the group of trouble makers.  The majority of the occupy protesters are peaceful, but there is a group that is hell bent on causing trouble and the police are now aware.  While the one group made trouble for the police, other protesters could be heard yelling things like "sit down" and "the world is watching".

Police Chief Howard Jordan said that as long as the protesters act in a peaceful manner, they will let them assemble.  It's when things turn to how to how it did that they have to intervene.

So far nothing like this has happened in the Occupy Albany movement as protesters have been acting peacefully on the manner.

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