As reported by the Daily Gazette, a year long investigation into a huge drug trafficking ring recently concluded recently with the arrests of 19 people, including MULTIPLE from Albany and Schenectady.  By multiple, I mean seven from Schenectady and eleven from Albany.  The investigation, it appears, focused on drug trafficking between Brooklyn and Albany, and was aptly named "Operation Wrecking Ball."

Florida Coast Guard Officials Display 26 Tons Of Seized Cocaine
Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The reason for the Miley Cyrus reference?  Well, according to the Daily Gazette's article, and the state Attorney General, code words such as "the Miley Cyrus" were used by traffickers for drugs.

It's no secret that drug abuse and trafficking has become a worsening issue, not just in the capital region, but in the United States as a whole.  And, as someone who works not just in the music industry but as a substance abuse treatment nurse, I see the damage that addiction and drug use do first hand day in and day out.  There's nothing humorous about it.  In fact, this is probably the only thing somewhat humorous about addiction that I've come across-  the fact that a huge drug trafficking ring and operation was using code words after a cheesy pop star, and that the investigation was named after one of her hit songs.  It makes me think back to the history books with the landmark presidential Watergate scandal, and the fact that the secret informant that helped break the scandal was named "Deep Throat."  Because really, it does kind of make me chuckle to think of being a student learning about "Deep Throat" as a part of U.S. history.

All sarcasm aside, Thursday was a huge day for this operation.  It concluded with not just a large amount of arrests in the capital region, but the seizure of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, large amounts in cash, and a significant amount of weaponry.  A big applause to those who have worked arduously on this to help decrease drug trafficking and crime in the Capital Region.

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