According to an article posted by, Governor Cuomo is planning on proposing legislation that would make high schools provide free feminine hygiene products for girls grades 6-12. Now whether you like Governor Cuomo or not, that's something to celebrate!

I'm a girl. I'm a nurse. I deal with teenagers and adults alike and issues surrounding their 'time of the month.'  I also have had many a high school friend have to awkwardly tie their hoodie around their waist due to feminine issues, and in high school, that's not fun.  I've ALSO dealt with people who can't afford feminine products.  Yes that's a reality.  There is a large issue with lack of access, and it's not like girls can do anything about preventing the situation.  It just happens. On top of that, feminine hygiene products such as tampons or pads are not cheap, and if a teenager isn't working or their parents aren't fully supporting them, where are they going to access these things?

According to, the New York School Boards Association supports the idea, if funding is provided.

Either way, hopefully this works out because there are SO many reasons it's necessary.  And unless you've had to deal with that 'time of the month,' you just don't know the struggle.