Just over a year ago we reported on a story featuring a Canajoharie man and his pet pig, "Ellie". Town officials huffed and puffed and tried to get the pig removed from city limits but it's owner, Wyverne Flatt, argued that Ellie is more than a pet, she is his emotional support animal. What ever happened to Wyverne and Ellie? Here's an update.

To many this fight seemed silly and several neighbors felt that Mr. Flatt should be allowed to keep Ellie. Certain town officials felt otherwise and Flatt, according to News 10 ABC, faced both civil and criminal charges against him which could result in 6 months in jail.

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I’m not willing to get rid of her, and I can’t imagine a little village trying to make a fella get rid of his emotional support animal. I’m being charged for harboring an illegal farm animal, the law that my attorney just let me know that it was put into place by 1965 - Wyverne Flatt

Mr. Flatt claims to have done everything he can do to prove that Ellie is a legit support animal. He has her registered as an emotional animal with letters from his doctor but the town refused to drop the case. Who prevailed?


Earlier this year the Daily Gazette reported that Wyverne Flatt and his pig Ellie are still at home in Canajoharie and that the case was thrown out on Aug. 1, 2022. Legal representatives from town requested to “pursue other avenues,” according to Palatine Court Judge Ronald Dygert.

We all need someone in our lives to be there for us, support us and love us. Hopefully you have family and friends that you can spend time with, share experiences and just keep you from being lonely, even if that family member is a pig.

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