Inglewood Elementary School in northern Pennsylvania sent out a letter to parents this week to let them know that Halloween celebrations and activities at the school were canceled this year.

The reason? Religious overtones (not joking here either.

The letter reads in part:

Some holidays observed in the community that are considered by many to be secular (ex. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day) are viewed by others as having religious overtones.

The district must always be mindful of the sensitivity of all the members of the community with regard to holidays and celebrations of a religious, cultural or secular nature.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that school districts may not endorse, prefer, favor, promote or advance any religious beliefs.

(It's school district policy) to not sponsor or support the celebration of Halloween parades, Halloween parities, or dressing in Halloween costumes

The school district claims the move has been made to "maximize" class room time during the school day. They will hold "fall festivities" where they invite children to wear their costumes, but it will be held after school hours.

Many parents and children were upset after readying the letter. One parent spoke with local news affiliate ABC 6:

It is understandable that academics must come first. However, there should also be opportunities for students to have fun and get the chance to celebrate diversity as well as American traditions as opposed to stripping them all away.

We are still kind of lost on the whole "religious overtone" part of why the celebrations were canceled. Are we missing something here?

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