Many residents in Selkirk are a little ticked off due to larger amounts of dust emanating from the LaFarge plant in Ravena.

You may sit and think, whatever.. Its just dust. Well the LaFarge plant deals in concrete. My first thought is well if that dust lands on something say a car, then it rains. That's bad news. The issue that is upsetting many of the residents in the vicinity of the plant is the fact that this dust or residue doesn't come off of their cars, or at least not easily.

The plant has reached out and offered to give what is said to be a vinegar bath to the cars which will remove the soot off of the surface. However, that isn't exactly working. The other question raised is about health concerns. The company has said that there is no concern when it comes to that among humans or animals. More info at the link below and the video above.