Flat out, as a lifelong resident of the capital region, cell reception here kind of sucks. No it does suck. Senator Chuck Schumer agrees.

His rationale makes a lot of sense too so maybe something can be done about this. Albany is not so horrible but if you get within ten miles either way of it with certain carriers you will probably start to see a drop off in good signal, as I am sure you know. Senator Schumer had this to say though,

"Upstate NY is home to several universities, thousands of businesses and more – so residents’ and business owners’ cell phone coverage must remain uninterrupted," - Senator Chuck Schumer, News Channel 13

Reportedly too the number of dead zones locally is pretty staggering too. About 635 in the area alone!! Over 4,000 in the state. For such a vital state when it comes to the country you would think we would have better reception.

I recall going to Potsdam a few years back for a week and having to use my co-workers phone to make calls or send texts because my signal was so atrocious. BTW, Potsdam is hope to a pretty large University in Clarkson too.

So yes, lets see the end to dead zones. Especially in the Capital Region!

Also in no way by the photo above am I pointing fingers at Verizon, they actually have good service here.